Entry #2


2011-04-05 10:07:42 by Ankalegon

i've decided to stop caring about the zero-bombers.

if you like my music, you will whether the score is 0 or 5.

i recently upgraded to FL Studio 9 (from 7) and i've finally found the stringed instruments and better quality piano i've been wanting for sometime.


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2011-06-18 07:56:42

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2011-06-27 08:23:24

I hate zero-bombers... but you can work against them by rating all your entries 5/5 each day. ...
I like your music, they are really good in video games. Maybe I should use one in my current game project :D

Ankalegon responds:

i just saw this message (because i'm scatter brained) and i really appreciate it.

you let me know if you need a new tune for a certain atmosphere/situation or if you're using one that already exists.

thanks for giving me more reason to make music.

much love